Quote of the Day: May 14th, 2005

Some girls take hours to paint every perfect nail,
Fragrant as flowers, all powdered and prim and pale…
But you are as wild as that wind-blown tree,
As dark and as deep as the midnight sea,
While they’re busy dressing, you lie here, warm and bold,
Some girls you picture, some you hold…
Some girls take courses at all the best schools in France,
Riding their horses and learning their modern dance,
They’re clever and cultured and worldly-wise,
But you see the world through a child’s wide eyes,
While their dreams are grand ones, you want what’s just in reach,
Some girls you learn from, some you teach…
You are not smalltalk or shiny cars,
Or mirrors, or french cologne,
You are the river, the moon, the stars,
You’re no one else I’ve known…
Some girls take pleasure in buying a fine trousseau,
Counting each treasure and tying each tiny bow,
They fold up their futures with perfumed hands,
While you face the future with no demands,
Some girls expect things, others think nothing of,
Some girls you marry, some you love…
-Once on This Island

~ by kiranapoleon on May 14, 2005.

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