Quote of the Day: May 29th, 2005

“Sun comes up then goes away,
So does Graduation Day.
You did your walk of fame and that was it.
She turns to me like we’re alone,
Inside a secret telephone,
Says the words that no one else can hear…”


I just re-found this song done by The Limestones on my iTunes, and I had forgotten how much I liked it.


~ by kiranapoleon on May 29, 2005.

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day: May 29th, 2005”

  1. No no no, easily the best song about graduation is that one by Vitamin C. Was it ‘Friends Forever’? Or just ‘Graduation’? Oh well, I love obscure one hit wonders!

  2. oh man, it was one of those ones with parentheses. it was “Graduation (Friends Forever)”

    I guess I don’t think of Vitamin C as a one hit wonder because I liked that song so much that I bought the CD. Because I am SO cool.

  3. holy shit, DOUBLE the amazing titles.

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