Me thinking

I love walking to my car from school, it’s the only time when I get time to actually just think. Without worrying that I should be doing something else, or being to distracted.

So I was thinking today, and I thought, “well, so what if one certain door closes for me, I mean, my life isn’t based on this one external opportunity. Sure, that’s the one that I want right now, but it happens that things don’t always work out, and so what? Every opportunity that I miss just makes time and opportunity for another one, maybe better, maybe worse, but another one, that I’ll have, and that’s pretty much a no matter what thing. Untill I’m dead, I will always have the opportunity for some or other experience or feeling or really anything. So that’s a good thing.”

That’s me thinking too much. It made me feel good, though.


~ by kiranapoleon on May 31, 2005.

One Response to “Me thinking”

  1. Just the right thoughts at the right time…I came across your blog and felt better.Thanx.

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