Awards Ceremony

Yeah, nothing’s ever as good. I mean, it’s good, as good as I could hope for, yet somehow, either in my own “I need to be humble” or something, possibly even “I know I deserve more than I’ll ever get” kind of way, it just never excites me.

Tonight I recieved a $500 scholarship for excellence in technical theatre. Morgan got the same scholarship as me, for excellence in performing. I have so much respect for Morgan this year that recieving matching awards with him is an honor. Man, I sound like one of those people who stood at the front of the stage tonight just quoting meaningless bullshit from their little notebooks, but I’ve learned that the things you think to be meaningless usually aren’t, and usually when people praise you in specific ways, they got that praise from somewhere.

Anyway, that was about 2 hours of major boredom. But I’m glad of it.


~ by kiranapoleon on June 2, 2005.

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