It’s kind of nice to be back in the Shakespeare world, even better to be back in the theatre world. There’s something comforting about men sitting in front of mirrors and applying makeup better than I ever could, or sitting on each other on the floor and hitting their chest to “drop their voice.” I love the costumes, the warm-ups, the standing on stage wearing normal clothes, ponchos, and little hair nets where the wigs would be if it weren’t raining.

I’m glad to be back in that world, hearing the words, the costumes, the sets, the tech crew. Knowing that things don’t change around here; this is just picking up where it all left off last year, only I’m in a different place, following around a 12-year-old kid instead of in the corner painting invisible rust on a tower.

I suppose Colorado Shakespeare is better than no Shakespeare.


~ by kiranapoleon on June 24, 2005.

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