Good Morning

The kitten is Caspian. After the sea, not the prince. She’s currently doing backflips on my shoulder.

Sheet shopping is more exciting than you’d think it would be. Those mo-fos come in so many varieties, I didn’t even believe it. First you have to know what size you need, then you need to pick a fabric type, then hope that they have that fabric type and size in a color that isn’t lime green or orange. Turns out they do, so my new sheets are black and dark red (Les Mis Emo) and softer than anything. I *heart* them.

Red, I feel my soul on fire,
Black, my world if she’s not there,
Red, the color of desire,
Black, the color of despair!

(You tell ’em, Marius.)


~ by kiranapoleon on July 13, 2005.

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