Quote of the Day: July 13th, 2005

“He thought that he had believed it was a simple sequence, the past and the present, and if there was loss in the past one was compensated by pain in the present, and pain gave it a form of immortality- but he had not known that one could destroy like this, kill retroactively, so that to her it had never existed. “

-Ayn Rand

Peter Keating had been going through a rough period, slowly declining, and on the streets one day he ran into Catherine Hasley, the plain girl who he had been in love with some years ago, who he had promised to marry, and never showed up. Instead, he married Dominique Francon, the exquisitely beautiful daughter of his business partner, who had married him only as a form of self-torture. Peter and Dominique got a divorce not long after their marriage, and Peter started his decline right around then. Peter never saw Catherine again, until that night, on the street, when she was in town for a business trip. They went out for tea, and Katie acted like nothing happened. When Peter tries to talk about the past, she says things like, “yes, we were terribly young then, you know young people do such foolish things. Why, Peter, you aren’t drinking your tea! You must drink it, you’re looking rather peaky.”

Anyway, that scene hit a nerve in me.

PS- I know for a fact that a lot more people read this than leave me comments, and it sort of weirds me out when people are like, “oh yeah, I read that in your blog” and I didn’t have the faintest clue that they even read my blog. So tell me, if you read it, ok?


~ by kiranapoleon on July 13, 2005.

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