It’s what I think and why I think it.

Lately there have been lots of things I’ve been noticing, thinking I should write down, maybe post in here so that perhaps you’ll think I’m intersting or insightful or at the very least perceptive. You know, I read once that a writer must have a magnificently large ego, to write, and to trust that people will think that his ideas are as wonderful as he does.

Say, for instance, today I was walking, and I saw a sculpture of a half a pair of spectacles. Not a full pair, or anything, just a half a pair, resting against a post. Big spectacles- if they were whole they’d probably be about 12 feet high. Say I thought that these spectacles were the most intriguing thing I’d seen, and decided to write about them as such. Now, I’m trusting that you, reading my description of the spectacle statue, would agree with me- otherwise you wouldn’t be reading. So I trust that it interests you as much as it did me. And I see it did; you’ve made it this far.

Or maybe you are thinking, “what sort of a fool makes so much of a silly statue?” Either way, I am leaving myself open to judgement about a variety of things, the content and style of my writing, my perceptiveness, or any number of things. I certainly would not be writing if I knew you would comment and say, “you’re an idiot, get a life.” Which shows an enormous amount of faith in myself as a human being.

Anyway, that really wasn’t where I was intending to go with all that. What I was planning on saying was that eye contact is a win-win situation. Make it with strangers you walk past. If you do, and they avert their eyes always, then you’ve proved domination. If they look at you first but don’t hold contact and look away, you’ve proved domination. If they hold it and keep it, you’ve established a connection, a simple bond, which is good.

See? You can’t lose.


~ by kiranapoleon on July 20, 2005.

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