I’m a snapping turtle.

I passed my online college alcohol education course with an 83% without even listening to anything that they said the whole time. Seriously, it was so pointless. I could have pressed play, walked away, come back every 10 minutes or so and hit ‘next’ and still passed.

It’s been hot out here, I’m so glad that I’m getting out of it soon. I put a bag of popcorn in my car the other day, unpopped microwave popcorn, but so far it’s still fully unpopped. So at least it’s not that hot.

I could, I’d wager, fry an egg on top of my car. But that’s too cliche for me.

I guess today I’ve just been feeling snappy. Like a turtle, that you should really stay away from or it’ll do snappy things and maybe bite you. People should stay away from me for a few days, I think.

I also think people should stop jumping the gun on issues in my life. Seriously, take it easy, let me do what I’m going to do and don’t assume what that’ll be. For the record, and I need to say this, if only mostly to convince myself, I don’t want what they seem to think I want. I really don’t. And the only reason I would is because I’m not thinking. Yes, when I think, I don’t don’t don’t want that.

For serious.

No. I don’t want.

Yep, just working on convincing myself.


~ by kiranapoleon on July 21, 2005.

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