Quote of the Day: September 5th, 2005:

“Yeah, well, I don’t like being imagined. I like the ocean. That hurricane. I stayed on the pier– hanging on to this fuckin’ pipe railing, wind blowin’ so hard you couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t open my hands the next day. Try to get excited over some fuckin’ roller coaster, some loop-the-loop after that. I like those gigantic, citywide fires– like Passaic, wherever; fuckin’ Jersey’s burnin’ down three times a week. Good riddance. Avalanches! Whole villages wiped out. Somethin’ like that can–like– amaze you. People don’t want to hear that shit, they want- like you should get turned on by some crap– you know, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, “I like everyone to be nice.” That shit. Chicks or somethin’. Gettin’ laid’s okay. A really hot shower’s good. Clean underwear, smells like Downy softner.”

-Lanford Wilson, Burn This

~ by kiranapoleon on September 5, 2005.

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