Quote of the Day: September 12th, 2005:

Lorne: I read you while you were singing, you big corn muffin, and uh, can’t say as I blame. I mean, what a woman she’s become.
Angel: You’re not supposed to be reading me. Anyway, you read me wrong.
Lorne: Sorry, strudel. It’s not just when you’re singing. We got a little term back in Pylea. Kyrumption?
Angel: I know it.
Lorne: Okay. When two great heroes come together…
Angel: There will be no coming together, okay? Everything we’ve been through together and all anybody wants to talk about is-
Lorne: Can’t fight Kyrumption, cinnamon buns. It’s fate. It’s the stars. Kyrumption is-
Angel: Stop saying that. And stop calling me pastries.


(I miss this show.)


~ by kiranapoleon on September 12, 2005.

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