So I went to Church this morning for the first time in my life that wasn’t a funeral.

It really wasn’t that bad. I guess I have to listen selectively and take only what works for me, and ignore most of the God/Jesus stuff.

This church is pretty cool, it’s the First Congregational Church on the southwest corner of Broadway and Pine. That neighborhood is the place for churches, and we walked past the Lutheran Church, the Baptist Church, and the Episcopalian Church while we were choosing which to go to.

Anyway, I like the singing, even if I don’t know the song, and I like how nice everyone is. The sermon was about how some of Christ’s followers wanted to do other stuff (one of them wanted to bury his father, another wanted to say goodbye to his loved ones) before they followed Christ to Jerusalem. Jesus wouldn’t let them follow him unless they didn’t do the things they wanted to do. I guess the point was that if you want to follow Jesus, it has to be your number one priority, which doesn’t seem right to me. Following an ideal doesn’t seem as important to me as family. When my friend’s mother died last year, her brother didn’t make it to the funeral because he was doing mission work. Everyone in the church seemed to praise his decision to skip his mother’s funeral to continue with his mission, but I don’t understand that. It seems selfish to me, to think only of you and your mission, and to ignore the rest of your family, and your little sister who has lost both of her parents. Maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, I didn’t like THAT part of the sermon, or the part where we have to make a choice, and not just any choice, we have to make the RIGHT choice. As an actor, I’ve always heard, “make a strong choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong, you can always change it. Experiment, try different things.” That’s the kind of choice I believe in.

There was a part in the sermon about how our lives are so hectic and chaotic and busy. The pastor said something like, “busyness destroys intimacy” which I believe in. I know people who are always rushing around, meeting everyone, in constant communication with everyone, and that’s cool, but whenever I’m with them, I feel like they’re not all the way there. I feel like people like that are just impossible to get really close to, and who knows, maybe it’s impossible for people who are so all over the place to really get close to anyone.

Actually, that brings me back to the Superman Vs. Batman issue that I was pondering last night. (My analysis is based on Christian Bale as Batman in Batman Begins, and Brendan Routh (??) as Superman in Superman Returns.)
Superman is one of those types who is just all over the place, saving the entire world, while Batman is primarily concerned with saving what is close to him- Gotham City and Rachel Dawes. When Lois Lane is drowning in the boat, and the entire city is about to crack apart, Superman stops in the middle of the ocean, pondering which to save, and he chooses to save the city first, before coming back to the woman he loves. If I were dating Superman, I could never let myself get fully attached to him, because of his capacity to care aboutand be committed to so many people, I would be afraid that he was never fully committed to me. There wouldn’t be anything really special if he cared about me, because he cares about every person he saves, while he’s with them, but probably doesn’t give them a second thought once they’re safe.
Anyway, I’d rather have someone at least remotely normal. Not to mention, it’s way more impressive if you can be a superhero as a human than as an alien. Being an alien is just cheating.


~ by kiranapoleon on July 9, 2006.

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