Church Update #4- Catholic Church

Hooray for Christian charity.

Anyway, the main thing about Catholic Church is that it’s majorly boring. It was the first church that we’ve been to that didn’t give us a program at the beginning to let us know how the service was going to go (actually the Gospel Church didn’t either, but that was way more basic and all the words you needed to know were projected onto a big screen at the front.) There were parts of this service where everyone recited words, or sang songs that weren’t from the hymn book, and at those parts I was completely lost. I’m actually getting pretty good at the Lord’s Prayer (“Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, etc.)

Most of the songs were prettier than other services, they had a more haunting melody and were way easier to catch on to, so that was nice.

Communion was weird, I guess communion is always weird, but more so here. Most people didn’t have the wine, just the bread, because the wine is in a chalice and everyone drinks from the same one. They wipe it off after each use, but it’s still a bit bizarre.

Sydney and I are getting really good at faking it. We stand up, sit down, kneel, pray, shake hands, and respond perfectly. At Catholic (and Episcopal) Church, you say “and also with you” a lot, so it’s a good fall-back phrase if you don’t know what to say. And it’s easy to quickly change it to “Amen” if need be.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church is actually way bigger than it looks, and sort of pretty inside. Not French Cathedral, Place of God pretty, but nice. Probably the nicest, after the Episcopalian Church.

As we were leaving there was a woman with a sign, asking for money. Everyone leaving church just looked past her. I didn’t see a single person stop to help her out. So much for “Christian Charity.”

Oh yeah, I want to go to the “Life Teen” mass, because I bet that’s where all the hotties are.


~ by kiranapoleon on July 30, 2006.

One Response to “Church Update #4- Catholic Church”

  1. Well, I suppose you’ll never really know the extent to which those christians were charitable because you’re not supposed to be publically charitable. If someone truly wanted to stick to the book, they’d go back and give the woman money after everyone had left, so they don’t seem like they’re bragging about their charity. You know, the “don’t let your left hand know what your right hand has done (when giving to the poor)” kind of thing.

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