Quote of the Day: July 31st, 2006

Of all who took the journey, and managed to endure.
The ones who knew such tenderness, the ones who weren’t so sure.
The ones who came before you, the others yet to come.
And those who you will teach it to, and those you learned it from.
You are part, part of the human heart.
You are part…

Once On This Island

I guess it’s weird knowing the theatre kids who came after I left, who never knew the people who I knew… Even the ones who were freshmen my senior year, who didn’t know all the kids who were upperclassmen when I graduated. Everything is always just being passed down, and the new kids will be old someday, and the new ones after them probably won’t think anything of me, just as I don’t really think much of the ones whose names came before mine in the book.

I like getting to know them though, maybe it’ll help my memory last there just a little bit longer. I’m terrified of losing it completely, the day when I walk in there and don’t recognize anyone.


~ by kiranapoleon on July 31, 2006.

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