I was watching “My Architect” the other day.

It’s a documentary about the architect Louis Kahn, made by his illegitimate son, who is trying to figure out who his father was based on his buildings and talking to people who worked with him and knew him.

In one scene, he was interviewing his mother, who knew that Kahn was married to someone else, but loved him anyway. He would only come up to her house for a few days at a time, and she knew pretty well that he’d never marry her (even though she always hoped.) At one point, Nathaniel, her son, asked, “do you think about him often?” and she responded, “I don’t have to. He’s always there.” Not in the spiritual sense, but in the sense that so much of her was influenced by her relationship with, and really deep love for, this man. I think she was glad to have had his child, even though it made her an object for scorn, because it was his, and she loved him.

Maybe that’s just me putting my personal experience onto something completely unrelated, but I’m glad this kind of love exists, I’m glad I’ve felt it. I’m glad there’s someone that I loved so much that it became a part of my life forever, that I don’t need to think about because it’s just there, just a part of me.


~ by kiranapoleon on August 12, 2006.

One Response to “Love.”

  1. Oh! I’ve seen that movie, it was quite good.

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