Seasons Change

They held each other as they walked, clinging to each other for support and to try to erase the time. Now, their bodies were weak, and they had to hold on to each other to keep from falling down, but they used to hold each other for another reason. They could both remember a time when they held hands to feel the electricity flowing between them. The passion that they had once felt had faded after a lifetime together—now, everything that they did together was done because it had been done for so long that they wouldn’t know what to do if they stopped.

They never expected that they’d end up here—decades older together, wrinkles on their faces, the skin sagging everywhere on their bodies, their teeth old, and decaying, their joints stiff with arthritis. When they met, she was only seventeen- slim and blonde, with perky breasts and a dazzling smile. He was nineteen, a freshman in college, the star of the lacrosse team.

One heart attack, two children, and 5 grandchildren later, here they were, walking together, as they did when they were younger, enjoying the crisp fall day. The leaves were red in anticipation of the coming winter, but they hadn’t really started to fall yet. The heat of the summer had passed, but its afterglow could be felt in the sun, if you stood still for long enough to soak in its rays. The birds had already started to migrate in preparation for the quickly approaching winter; the ducks that spent their summers on the lake were nowhere to be found. She wore orthopedic shoes, he carried a cane, and what was once a fiery romance had settled into a comfortable, reliable companionship.

On the other side of the lake, a young couple sat together on a bench, eating Chinese take-out. They had met at the pool, a typical summer romance, but their relationship had lasted even after it was too cold for bikinis and swim trunks. They sat close to each other, feeding each other with chopsticks and kissing and watching people walk by. From across the lake, she saw the old couple. She noticed them leaning against each other for support, perfectly comfortable with the weight of their own bodies and with each other’s. She saw him stop walking, turn to her, and, holding both of her hands in his, kiss her gently on her forehead. The young woman turned to her partner, and kissed him softly on the lips.

(ps- i don’t like the end, it seems too sudden to me, any ideas?)


~ by kiranapoleon on September 20, 2006.

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