"therefore let’s kiss."

I decided I need to learn more about poetry.

So I browse the poetry shelf at work, and I decide to read some ee cummings.
This is not the greatest idea, though, since ee cummings is the poet I know best to begin with, and reading more of his stuff is not really going to improve my knowledge.

Anyway, here are a few poems that I found, and since love/sex is very much on my mind a lot these days, I want to put them here to remember them, since I can’t bring myself to buy this book yet since I haven’t fully exhausted the 3 ee cummings poetry books that I already own.

we lie side by side
my little breasts become two sharp delightful strutting towers
i shove hotly the lovingness of my belly against you

your arms are
Your arms will convince me,in the complete silence speaking
upon my body
their ultimate slender language.

do not laugh at my thighs.

there is between my big legs a crisp city.
when you touch me
it is Spring in the city;the streets beautifully writhe,
it is for you;do not frighten them,
all the houses terribly tighten
upon your coming;
and they are glad
as you fill the streets of my city with children.

my love you are a bright mountain which feels.
you are a keen mountain and an eager island whose
lively slopes are based always in the me which is shrugging, which is
under you and around you and forever:i am the hugging sea.
O mountain you cannot escape me
your roots are anchored in my silence;therefore O mountain
skillfully murder my breasts,still and always

i will hug you solemnly into me.


skies may be blue;yes
(when gone are hail and sleet and snow)
but bluer than my darling’s eyes,
spring skies are no

hearts may be true;yes
(by night or day in joy or woe)
but truer than your lover’s is,
hearts do not grow

nows may be new;yes
(as new as april’s first hello)
but new as this our thousandth kiss,
no now is so


n no
w dis
ing mou
ntains a
re drifti
ng christi
an how swee
tliest bell
s and we’l
l be you’
ll be i’
ll be ?
? ther
s k

(more poetry later as i delve deeper.)


~ by kiranapoleon on September 24, 2007.

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