Augustina’s Winery

The label for Harvest Gold, my favorite of the wines I sell.

This summer I have a job selling wine from Augustina’s Winery at the Boulder Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. It’s great–I get to be outside, I get to talk to people, I get to sell a local product for a small business, and I get to learn about wine. Since I turned 21, I’ve been interested in learning about wine, but it never really stuck, probably because I was trying to learn from books and basing wines off of abstract written descriptions. Now, it’s more of a hands on process and I feel like I’m actually getting somewhere.

I definitely recommend checking out the website, if nothing else. The descriptions of the wines are absolutely wonderful. Don’t believe me? Here’s the description of the Bottoms Up White:

“A light, fruity white wine blend of Colorado grown Chardonnay and Cayuga. Tropical fruit flavors of pineapple and banana. Lazy-day wine… goes with reading Thomas Hardy novels, listening to Richard Thompson tunes, and contemplating where to hang your hammock.”

Also, if  you’re in town,  come down and say hi, even if you don’t want to buy a bottle of wine. It’s really helpful to have people who can quiz me about the wines who aren’t as scary as strangers!



~ by kiranapoleon on June 5, 2009.

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