Reaching Out

105alt2 I decided today to take photos of my lovely bean plants which are starting to grow tendrils like crazy. They’re reaching for whatever they can grab, which is usually nothing, since I’ve got only a little trellis for a lot of plants. Once on attaches on to the trellis, it goes off in the other direction, seeking something else to grab.

It was kind of touching, in a way, the reliance that these plants have on their surroundings. I wonder what would happen if you planted one in total isolation. I bet it would start to intwine with itself.

Anyway, as I was taking the photos, I realized that in a way, the bean plants are a pretty good metaphor for people. We’re constantly reaching blindly for something that we can connect to, something to grab a hold of. Those ties start tenuously, but as time goes on, we intwine ourselves so thorougly that the only way to separate is to actually break off the parts that are intertwined and start fresh.

And then I got attacked by ants that apparantly live next to my garden. đŸ˜›


~ by kiranapoleon on June 12, 2009.

One Response to “Reaching Out”

  1. I love how simple this picture is, how they are all that is in this picture, and how it really does look like two arms are reaching out towards each other. Really lovely.

    Lol, stupid ants!

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