Baseball Musings Part II

Even if we’re rooting for different teams, I can still connect to people through baseball. I started a conversation with a middle aged man in a Cleveland Indians cap and shirt.
So, you’re an Indians fan?
Yep, my family grew up in Ohio. It’s been pretty disappointing.
I’m a Rockies fan; I know how you feel.

The conversation was brief, and on the surface, very shallow, but carried more meaning than many much longer conversations.

Baseball is my religion. Through it, I am able to connect to something larger than myself, something tangible and spiritual that I can follow with the same religious fervor that some people dedicate to God. Pleading with players to get that clutch hit is my prayer, walking towards the stadium from the bus stop at 23rd and Wazee my pilgrimage. The fans surrounding me are my congregation. As Thomas Boswell notes, baseball stadiums allow people to explore a shared “fabric of beliefs, symbols, and mutual agreements” and through the sense of community, “feel calm and whole.”  We’re all there for the same thing—we’re rallying around a common goal and somehow despite everything we don’t have in common, it’s what we do have in common at that moment that matters. We’re there trying to create some sort of miracle—weird unexpected things happen every day in baseball, and maybe we think if we’re loud enough, or if we are deliberate enough in our support, that we’ll be on the receiving end of some great act of chance. Maybe that’s why the visiting team’s fans always look just a bit more over-the-top than the home team’s. They haven’t got the numbers, so they’ll make up for it in passion.

~ by kiranapoleon on June 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Baseball Musings Part II”

  1. This is still for your class? I’m really blown away, you are a good writer!

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