So, for this writing class, we have to make a 1 minute “video essay” to represent our idea. Here is the tentative text for my voice over. What do you think? Does it sound too melodramatic or hokey? I’m not sure.

1    They’re complete strangers, yet I feel like I’ve known them my whole life. I can’t see their faces, but if I could, I’d see my own expression mirrored all around me…The same excited anticipation.

2    Baseball is my religion. Through it, I am able to connect to something larger than myself, something tangible and spiritual that I can follow with the same religious fervor that some people dedicate to God. I believe in grand slams, double plays, and strike outs. I believe in the power of rally caps, and the wave. (this can be extended or cut as necessary to fit with the photos)

3    This is my congregation. We’re here trying to create some sort of miracle— The unexpected happens every day in baseball, and maybe if we’re loud enough, tonight we’ll be on the receiving end of some great act of chance.

4    At the end of the game, it doesn’t really matter if we win or lose. It’s about the community, the shared experience. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is love of the game.


~ by kiranapoleon on June 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Voiceover”

  1. I think this sounds just right, really. Are you going to just show people’s backs, or feet, in the first section?

    • Just backs. I think. Maybe in the end some faces. I’m going to get as much footage as possible tonight to make something of.

  2. I agree, sounds perfect. I think, tho, it depends on how it’s read… you could probably read it to sound really dramatic so try to stay away from that, lol!

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