Kira’s Life: An Update

Here’s my current state of affairs.

I leave for vacation on Saturday night. I’ve already thought about starting to pack, and will probably bring my suitcase out later today and start doing that. I like to pack for trips early and often.

I had a meeting yesterday with the audiology clinic I (sort of) interned at for a few days a few weeks ago. They have offered me a 2 week trial job at one of their offices (the one that’s a bit farther from my house, but still probably no more than a 20 minute drive) and then we’ll see if I fit in with the company and we’ll take it from there. So, starting when I get back, I will be working there, 30-40 hours a week.

I’ve also signed up to do an audiologist’s assistantship online class with a different audiologist (the certification and stuff worked better at one clinic than the other) so I’ve got to find time to do that one as well. It’s primarily online, but I do have to find time to go into the clinic to get some hands-on experience also, and with the other full-time job, I don’t know when I’m going to be able to fit that in.

Plus, I still have my Saturday job at the farmer’s market. So we’re talking working 37-47 hours a week and that’s not including the online class.

But, I have a week and a half doing nothing but lounging on the beach before I have to worry about all this real-worldy stuff!


~ by kiranapoleon on July 22, 2009.

One Response to “Kira’s Life: An Update”

  1. Oooh exciting news about that clinic, that’s exciting! Do you think you’ll like it there?

    Man you’re gonna be busy!! Enjoy the beach!!

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