You Belong To Me

Here’s my new creation. Sort of a bittersweet goodbye to summer and everything it came with.

It’s pretty down-beat, and mellow.

Making mixes is sort of a foreign art to me, so let me know what you think! This is also my first time using to create and share a mix, so let me know if it works out alright or if I should use something else.

To listen, click the “pop out player” button.

Track Listing:
1. You Belong to Me – Dean Martin
2. Slow Show – The National
3. House of Cards – Radiohead
4. Mykonos – Fleet Foxes
5. Fiery Crash – Andrew Bird
6. Sweet Tides – Thievery Corporation
7. You Could Make a Killing – Aimee Mann
8. Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra
9. Papa was a Rodeo – The Magnetic Fields
10. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today – She & Him
11. Empty Road – Matthew Good
12. Something Vague – Bright Eyes
13. This Night Has Opened My Eyes – The Smiths
14. Split Needles – The Shins
15. The Wings – Gustavo Santaolalla
16. You Belong to Me – Jason Wade


~ by kiranapoleon on August 9, 2009.

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