Sweet Darlin’

So I recently discovered the band She & Him, and fell in love with their music without knowing much about the members. Then I went to see (500) Days of Summer, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Some of you may see where this is going already. Anyway, Zooey Deschanel kind of freaks me out. She’s beautiful, but also sort of scary looking, because her eyes are so big. Also, my boyfriend has a crush on her so I have to be jealous of her. Anyway, there’s one scene in the movie where she does karaoke, and she sings beautifully, and then I remember, “oh yeah, she’s in a band, isn’t she?” But of course I read about her band when their first album came out forever ago and didn’t remember their name.

But I get to thinking, “you know who she sounds a lot like? The singer of She & Him.” So I google it, and she is. And the “him” in the band is also in the movie, playing one of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s friends.

So now I have to kind of re-think Zooey Deschanel. She’s a pretty good actor (when it was only The Happening that I had ever seen her in, it was easy to brush her off, but she’s really good in this new movie) and she’s also got talent as a musician. So Zooey, I take it all back, you’re awesome, even though my boyfriend would probably leave me for you.


~ by kiranapoleon on August 11, 2009.

One Response to “Sweet Darlin’”

  1. Zooey Deschanel is pretty cool, definitely gorgeous. I’d have a crush on her if I were Connor too 😉 She sings in a lot of her movies, like in Elf when she’s singing in the shower! (500) Days of Summer was so good!

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