Vanished from the face of the Earth?!

If you follow me online at all, you may think that I have! I’ve been terrible at keeping up any kind of online correspondence lately, and I really don’t have any excuses. I guess I just sort of need to take time away from the computer screen.

A brief update: Work is going well, I think I’m settling in pretty well. I’ve gotten into a good routine of taking the bus (have to wake up 45 minutes earlier every day but it’s worth it). I just got my hair cut short to where it was a year or so ago, I’m very happy with how much easier it is to make it look halfway decent now. The one area of my life that I’ve been pretty unhappy with is my level of fitness. I’ve been trying to get as much walking in as possible and as many crunches on the ball as I can stand while watching tv, but my overall activity level has definitely gone down since I graduated. The fact that I no longer have to walk all over campus every day has led to a lot less movement. Finally today I decided to check on craigslist for workout equiptment (I would join the gym but when I get home at 5:30 all I want to do is eat and then all I want to do is watch a movie, so it wouldn’t be money well spent. I can’t motivate myself to drive across town, especially when it starts to get snowy out.) Anyway, found an elliptical machine on craigslist for $150, stopping by after work tonight to check it out and hopefully buy it! Since it’ll be in my living room, I really won’t have an excuse not to use it, and it’ll be a good routine to get into, especially since when it gets colder out there are so many more excuses to eat unhealthy food (thanks Halloween and thanksgiving!)


~ by kiranapoleon on October 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vanished from the face of the Earth?!”

  1. Yay good to see you again!

    That’s neat that you can take the bus… I would like to have that time in the morning not spent driving, but rather reading a book or something.

    Oooh that’d be neat if you get an elliptical machine… cool! I want one!

  2. Glad to hear everything is well and you’re still alive. You should contact me again, I miss you.

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