Texts and Lovers

The other day, the New York Times ran this really interesting article about romance in the age of text messages.

To be honest, it sort of bummed me out. Maybe I’m a bit too young, or a bit too conventional, or maybe I lack the confidence to treat love like economics, to be constantly searching for the “best offer.” Maybe I think that if I keep my options too open, I’ll end up with none of them. Maybe I’m missing out by not having a “back burner” who I can realistically fall back on in a pinch.

I wanted to know what other people think of this article–is this your view of dating? Or are you, like me, still stuck in the past?


~ by kiranapoleon on November 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Texts and Lovers”

  1. That is depressing. I don’t know if that’s totally completely true tho. Maybe it’s not always like that. Then again, I think I am still stuck in the past, like you.

  2. Not sure what to think … it’s certainly a very different world.

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