Lately the nostalgia has been pretty serious. It always is in autumn.

Here are a few memories that I miss.

It’s late, Indian summer, we’re on a road next to a lake. We’re lying in the middle of the road. There are four of us, we’re in a square, head on belly. We’re holding hands, and it’s electric. The stars are out and I’m not afraid that a car will drive by and kill us all. When one of us laughs, the rest of us can’t help but start due to the reaction set off by our bouncing bellies. Later, it starts to get colder, so we move to a pile of leaves. There are five of us now, and we’re in a pile. Touching, not knowing who or where, staying close to keep warm. The stars are bright in the middle of nowhere. The next day, that magical moment is passed, it’s as if we’ve never met.

*  *  *

This one is more of a feeling, I remember an attic above a church, converted into a theatre. It’s a rainy day, and I’m wearing someone else’s clothes because mine are soaked from an earlier adventure. We’re telling secrets, and I’m thinking that they’ll be kept but the next thing I know everyone knows and I’m glad it isn’t a secret anymore because HE knows and he was keeping the same secret and we were friends before but now we’ll have to talk about it. So we set up a time where we can talk alone but we never do end up talking.

*  *  *

It’s in my parent’s living room, and there are brownies in the oven. There are always brownies in the oven on nights like this, when the room is full of warm light and the smell of the brownies and people that I like to be around. We’re playing a game on the big table, and we’re reading out loud from books on the sunken couch, and we’re dancing, and eating half cooked brownies and licking the batter off our fingers before we brave the cold outside.


~ by kiranapoleon on November 6, 2009.

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