A work issue has been frustrating me and I need to vent it.


A short time after I was  hired a few months ago, we hired another audiologist to set up a new office with our practice. She hasn’t been working for many years, so she’s pretty much as clueless as I am about the hearing aid technology, but she knows more about testing etc than I do.


Anyway, we both need to do product training, and we had set up a time for one of the reps from one of the companies we work with to come in and do training with us in Lafayette. Well, she decides to call him and move it up to her office (about an hour of mountain driving away from me) and not tell me, or set up a time for him to meet with me.


So today I’m on the phone with the rep, trying to figure out when I can meet with him, and he says, “well, I think we’ll probably try to keep the original meeting up at the other office” but the ORIGINAL meeting was supposed to be in my office.

I just hate feeling brushed under the carpet.  I don’t get that many learning opportunities, and then I feel bad for not knowing what I’m doing half the time.


~ by kiranapoleon on November 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Peeved”

  1. Oh ugh that’s obnoxious! Sorry to hear that. 😦

  2. Whoa, not cool. 😦

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