What happens in Vegas…

…ends up somewhere in a blog.

Well, you may have noticed I’ve been MIA lately, but if I’m not inspired to write, then I’m not going to.  I respect people who can blog every day, but my posts would just come out sounding forced and most likely really boring.

But I did feel like putting down some thoughts about a recent business trip I took to Las Vegas. It was my first ever business trip (I’m such a grown up) and it was a lot of fun.

I’ve been to conferences before (hi Colorado Thespians!) but never anything “professional” or “all expenses paid” but one of our hearing aid manufacturers recently put out a new product and flew us all in to Las Vegas for a training. We stayed at the Palazzo (beautiful suites) and ate dinner at Postrio (Wolfgang Puck) and Dal Toro Ristorante (with attached Lamborghini showroom.) Most of the time we were working, attending conferences and workshops, but I did get some time to wander the strip alone with my camera, and some things struck me.

1. I never want to go on a vacation where I’m supposed to be having fun, but I’m really not. There are too many tourists in Vegas who walk down the strip grimacing. They probably are spending way too much on a hotel room, and trying to convince themselves that this is an awesome town, but really, they should have done something else, something more low-key and relaxing. Certain people are Vegas people, and if you’re not one of them, you shouldn’t waste your money. It’s not that great.

2. Gambling isn’t fun. This ties into the first point. I justified the 15 bucks I lost by saying, “oh, it was my entertainment budget for the night” but it really wasn’t that entertaining. Oh well, live and learn.

3. Smoking indoors sucks, but drinking outdoors is awesome. I was totally jealous of the people with yardstick long cups just walking down the strip totally shitfaced.

4. Extravagant architecture has come a long way. Just look at Excalibur which opened in 1990, then look at the new City Center which opened last December.

5. Dresses should cover your butt, and ALWAYS wear underwear.

6. Sometimes the insides of Las Vegas make a better outdoors than the outsides of Las Vegas. See Saint Mark’s Square in the Venetian for proof.

7. Finally, I work for a DAMN cool company. Seriously. And my cool company works with a lot of other REALLY cool companies. And that’s really cool to be a part of.

So, there’s my trip to Vegas in a nutshell. Photos to come, I just haven’t gone through them all yet.

p.s. You may have noticed that I changed my blog’s name. “Kira’s blog” was always just a temporary name until I found something apt, and I think that “lukewarm whisper” really sums up what this blog is. The line is from a Chumbawamba song (yes I do still listen to them sometimes) and it stuck out to me as what you’re going to get from this blog. My thoughts, usually personal, sometimes not known by people close to me in real life, but not usually the most scintillating or even really interesting. Usually just ordinary, everyday, lukewarm thoughts.


~ by kiranapoleon on May 10, 2010.

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