A Moment

It’s midnight and you’re sitting in a corner with strangers from your past. No one’s really talking, because there isn’t anything to say and even if there was it’s too loud to hear anyway. He’s staring at you, not looking away, not looking at you so much as into you. You feel like defying him. Holding his gaze until he breaks, looks down. You stare, a moment passes, he doesn’t falter. Another moment, starts feeling familiar, like that night in the rain, when you challenged a different stranger not to look away, and he didn’t, for years. You look away, terrified of what could happen if you don’t. Down at your lap, at your hand on the table,  draped casually around your beer. A quick glance past him, out the window, and he’s still staring. A nervous smile, and he grins, blinks away, and it’s over.


~ by kiranapoleon on January 19, 2011.

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