Better for you than Ice Cream

I’ve got a Thai Food cookbook with a recipe for coconut ice cream made only from coconut milk and sugar. My mom really likes coconut ice cream, so I made her a batch for mother’s day. I thought it was too rich, but she really liked it.

I had an extra can of coconut milk so the next day I made a batch with half coconut milk, half 1% milk, some sugar (taste as you go) and some vanilla. Stick it in the ice cream machine till it’s done. While it’s cooking, you can make some chocolate sauce– some cocoa powder (or baking chocolate), some butter, some sugar, a pinch of salt, some vanilla, or whatever else you want (I’m thinking maybe cinnamon?), put that on the stove on low, stir till melty and good, then let it cool. It goes quite well with the coconut/vanilla ice cream.

This isn’t really a substitute for ice cream, but it’s tasty nonetheless.


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